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On August 1st, we're running our
Black Monday
with up to 55% off.


Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to pay directly from the online store, but we can send invoices via PayPal manually

💚💙 You can choose any wrap from availability.
wrap in stock here
or for russian buyers

💚💙 Be sure to fill this form
or you can send us an order by e-mail

Also, buyers from the following countries can place an order through curators in their countries:
France and Belgium - Marie Alhomme

UK - Lucy Kiseleva

Hungary - Annamaria Apro.

For buyers from Russia, it is possible to purchase directly from the online store

💚💙 All invoices will be sent during the day as they arrive

💚💙 I recommend combining orders with friends to save on shipping. Please include this information in your letter or form.
For France, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic - it is possible to join the general package.


Good luck!

Due to the political situation in the world, delivery times may be extended!

Promotions and discounts: Приветствие
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