Mokosh wrap Eywa Elkhe

Mokosh wrap Eywa Elkhe

Pattern: Eywa 

Name: Elkhe

Composition: 50% green cotton, 50% shappe silk silver
Weight: 270 gsm
Care: hand wash
Recommended age of children: any age


Elkhe means silver wormwood or moon grass, life path.

Almost all of Eywa's variations were invented from one book dedicated to the world of Tolkien.
In general, this pattern in my view very accurately reflects this world. Its complexity, grace, magic and fragility.
But much more I like one book based on his motives.
I think it doesn't exist in English. But she's beautiful!
And this wrap is just as dedicated to her. Love, devotion, faith and hope. 

"And here - a necklace, woven from almost weightless sprinkled with dew wormwood branches, lies in his palms. ...

In the interweaving of silvery inflorescences, a shard of green ice flickers, a cool unprecedented stone, which gives the whole thing perfection. "
Arda's Black Book. Natalia Vasilieva


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