Mokosh wrap Crimean herbs Chaban tea

Mokosh wrap Crimean herbs Chaban tea

Pattern: Crimean herbs

Name: Chaban tea

Colors:  sand and pine needles. with multicolored splashes

Composition:  50% organic cotton, 30% bourette silk, 20% eucalyptus viscose .
Weight: About 270 gsm
Care:   hand wash or delicate mode for silk in the washing machine
Recommended age of children: from 3 months

  • Additional description

    Zheleznitsa Crimean, shepherd tea (Chaban-tea), Tatar tea grows in the Crimean mountains. In the Rhodope Mountains this plant is called Mursal tea and it is the pride of Bulgaria. It is the only mountain tea to receive the prestigious international Green Apple award in 2007 and Green Hero status in 2008.

    Zheleznitsa or Mursal tea is a plant legendary about its healing properties and beneficial effects on the entire body; it is called a plant "from all diseases." It is considered almost a panacea for all diseases. It is often compared to ginseng.

    Chaban-tea - That's what we named our new wrap!

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